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 Leonardo 1519 - Mussi 2019

For Salone del Mobile 2019, Mussi decided to celebrate Leonardo da Vinci,  500 years from the death of one of the most important artists and inventors of the Italian Renaissance.

Remembering the Italian Renaissance is also an occasion to celebrate the rebirth of Mussi, for the first time under the guide of Giovanni Mussi.


Mussi launches the “Collezione Primavera 2019” with an extraordinary performance dedicated to Leonardo himself.

The event “Leonardo 1519 – Mussi 2019” lasted for the whole week of Salone: the artist Giulia Rossena interpreted Leonardo’s drawings on a Sedutalonga modular sofa system and a Kangura lounger, both by Mussi, accompanied by the baroque violin played by Master Maurizio Parma.


The unique piece “Leonardo” is one of the new pieces in the Collezione Primavera 2019: Mussi is reborn under the flag of tailor made expertise , beauty and functionality of all of our creations.


Beauty, distinction and artisan quality which make every Mussi creation a unique masterpiece.

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